Cyberattacks Are Evolving, Are You?


NetStandard’s Security Minute Series 

This is scary: The IT monitoring software Centreon was attacked, and allowed the Sandworm group access to Centreon for 3 years. IT monitoring software is generally very trusted software, with visibility to everything inside a network, so this attack is pretty serious: French IT monitoring firm Centreon says no customers affected by hacking campaign | Reuters
More ransomware arrests! French and Ukrainian police made arrests in connection with the Egregor ransomware (the successor to Maze). Large parts of Egregor infrastructure are down, including the leak site and some of the command-and-control servers: Egregor ransomware operators arrested in Ukraine | ZDNet
Late last year, the Revil ransomware gang predicted that ransomware would move away from data encryption, and focus more strongly on data exfiltration. The leaked data is often worth more than the encrypted data is. We’ve seen this now – Jones Day, one of the biggest law firms in the world, recently had several gigabytes of data leaked, without encryption: Hacker Leaks Files from Jones Day Law Firm, Which Represented Trump in Election Challenges (
Sophos released a technical writeup of the Conti ransomware – how it hides, how it communicates. If you’re curious, check it out: Conti ransomware: Evasive by nature – Sophos News
In May, Windows 10 v1909 and Windows Server v1909 will both be end of service, and will not receive updates, patches, or support. Now’s a great time to check your systems and get them updated before they all expire at once: Microsoft: Windows 10 1909 reaches end of service in May (
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