NetStandard’s Security Minute Series

If you want to see how attackers are using phishing to get into victims’ mailboxes, Microsoft has a good writeup: Behind the scenes of business email compromise: Using cross-domain threat data to disrupt a large BEC campaign | Microsoft Security Blog
Or, if you want to see how ransomware gangs get into the network after the initial phish, here’s a good article on the market for buying access: Researchers: Booming Cyber-Underground Market for Initial-Access Brokers | Threatpost
Fujifilm was hit with ransomware earlier this month – And didn’t pay the ransom!! Fujifilm resumes normal operations after ransomware attack (
A US nuclear weapons contractor was also hit – And also apparently didn’t pay: REvil ransomware hits US nuclear weapons contractor (
For those of you who are interested in reverse-engineering malware, here’s an analysis of DarkSide (the ransomware that hit Colonial Pipeline): A step-by-step analysis of a new version of Darkside Ransomware (v. – CYBER GEEKS
On another note…