Hosted Services

Leave the Stress of Tech to NetStandard

What Does Hosted Services Provide?

When choosing to implement new technologies, your focus may not be on the maintenance and upkeep of the hardware. NetStandard’s Private Cloud environment provides the availability and ease-of-management of a Cloud-based hosting platform, while maintaining the features and customizations in your local on-premise business application. NetStandard will provide the physical infrastructure, connectivity and maintenance of the hosted platform, allowing you to focus on managing and using your business applications. NetStandard also hosts platforms for backup and archiving, Microsoft GP, and a handful of other business applications, for clients looking for alternatives to public Cloud solutions.

The Benefits of Hosted Services For Your Business

With servers and technology maintenance taken care of, you and your team can focus on the growth and success of the business. NetStandard is there to help your business reach its full potential by helping with IT and technology solutions. By taking over the responsibility of buying and licensing the hardware and virtual platforms and keeping the infrastructure and platform secure and up-to-date, Hosted Services can help the growth of your business by providing you a solution for technology maintenance, customization, compliance and security with the availability, resilience and flexibility of a public service provider.

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