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Protecting Your Business’s Core Knowledge

Your business’s information, such as customer data, business documentation, ideas, estimates, and anything else that keeps your business running, are important for the success and maintenance of your company. By protecting your business’s core knowledge, you ensure that all of your information is safe, backed up, and protected against ransom.

What Data Protection Looks Like From NetStandard

Data Safe

NetStandard’s core data backup platform, DataSafe, stores a replica of your server details and information to an onsite device for quick restoration, as well as offsite to ensure you have a copy of your data when you need it. DataSafe can be used to backup cloud-based data, physical or virtual servers, and even workstations.

Cybersecurity Planning and Policies

The world of cybersecurity changes daily. NetStandard can help you identify the solutions that add the most protection for your specific business, and create policies that help inform your employees about how to keep your data safe.

Identity Management

Keep your company data protected from attackers by leveraging the latest identity management. Using an active directory for single sign-on to applications and devices and enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) are just some of the tools to ensure only the right people access the right data within your organization.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Upgrade your old-school AntiVirus protection with an EDR solution that provides greater protection from bad actors. EDR is included in all NetStandard Managed Service offerings.

Spam Filtering

Data protection also covers possible spam within the business’s email. Spam can be detected, tracked down, and blocked to ensure it is stopped in the future and does not interfere with any information.

Cybersecurity Insurance Preparedness

Underwriters are rapidly increasing security prerequisites to qualify for cybersecurity insurance. Let NetStandard help you put the right tools in place before your next renewal catches you by surprise.

Workstation Protection

If your organization has strict compliance requirements or you have employees who keep critical business data on their desktops, creating regular backups of your workstations can help save vital information and prevent data loss.

Best Practice

Using operational best practices throughout your technology, like keeping security patches up to date on all computers, will help close the door on most external attacks.

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