Managed Services

Keep Your IT Closely Protected, Managed, and Monitored

What are Managed Services?

Simply put, Managed Services is a way of outsourcing the management of the technology you use to keep your business running. At NetStandard, our teams of engineers tackle your end-user support issues, work with your vendors on your behalf, and ensure your overall IT strategy is outlined, budgeted, and aligns with your company’s growth plans.

At NetStandard, we have a variety of Managed Services offerings to meet each client’s own support needs. Some clients choose to outsource some needs and maintain other tools in-house. Some clients outsource all technology operations. Wherever you’re at in your company’s evolution, we can help provide an ongoing management solution that’s right for you.

What to Expect

With three dynamic choices to evaluate, all containing a form of IT monitoring, outsourced management, and technical assistance and resources, we help secure your business for success.

Each plan is designed to assist in the growth and development of your business while we keep your technology available where and when you need it.

Is Managed Services Right for You?

Outsourcing IT aims to bring your focus and dedication back into your business as we help with the IT and Technology in the background. From businesses that are looking for that extra help in their industry, a higher level of IT security, or are seeing rapid growth in their businesses; our Managed Services Plans are tailored to help you.

What makes the most sense for your business goals?



Basic monitoring, security patching and return-to-service troubleshooting for a single device, group of users, or an entire infrastructure.



Our flagship fully-managed service, including management, security and maintenance for your entire company and its technology, including technology leadership, vendor management and more.



Features the same service as Clarity, but with additional hours built in to help accomplish big projects, address ongoing security and compliance concerns, or build for the future.

All NetStandard Managed Service offerings are priced at a flat monthly cost based on the size of your infrastructure and how many users you have.

Do You Have Questions About Our Managed Services?

Whether it be phone, email, or in person, we are always here to help. Call us or simply fill out the form to get started.

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