Last week, it was widely reported that four previously unknown or “zero-day” vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Exchange Server software were being actively exploited by groups of cyber attackers. These defects could allow attackers to steal data or deploy malicious software to unpatched Exchange Servers.
NetStandard began applying patches to address these vulnerabilities immediately after Microsoft made them available. In parallel, using information released by Microsoft and others, we began looking for evidence as to whether we were affected. We can report that, to date, we see no evidence that these Exchange vulnerabilities have led to any unauthorized access to NetStandard customers’ hosted Microsoft Exchange systems, applications, or data.
The security and availability of your data is our highest priority. We monitor our systems around the clock with our dedicated Kansas City-based team, and our operations team quickly applies critical security patches when they become available.
Any further patches that are released will be promptly applied by our team. There is no action you need to take at this time.
Thank you, as always, for being a valued NetStandard customer.