Consider keeping your business safe with email filtering

Trickbot Targeting Legal and Insurance Providers 
One of the most active sources of malicious emails over the past couple of years has been Trickbot. Trickbot has been a major target from Microsoft, and went dormant late last year due to takedown efforts from Microsoft and others. It now looks like Trickbot is back, specifically targeting legal and insurance companies. It shows up as an email saying you have been detected with a traffic infringement, and asking you to click a link to download the photo proof. Watch out for this one – Trickbot often leads to financial theft, data loss, and ransomware! Emails about traffic violations are not legitimate. If you do have a traffic violation, you can be confident that the police are not going to email it to you, it’ll come through the mail or from an officer directly. If your company is a target, every legal attorney and insurance agent should be aware of how to carefully treat this threat.
 You can help keep yourself safe from emails like these through using a good email filter, using web and DNS filtering, and making sure that all of your systems are up to date. If you aren’t sure that you have these taken care of, reach out to us today! For more info: Trickbot—New Year | Old Lure (