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We have all seen the “fake tech support” scams, or the various similar ones that all involve talking to a scammer in a (usually foreign) datacenter somewhere. KnowBe4 called one of these scammers and documented the whole process. It’s fascinating – if you only click on one link today, make it be this one: Not Your Father’s Tech Support Scam (
There’s a new record for Largest Known Ransom Demand! The REvil ransomware group announced that they breached Acer, the global electronics company, and are demanding $50 million in ransom. This easily exceeds the previous record of $30 million against an Asian retail chain, also by REvil: Computer giant Acer hit by $50 million ransomware attack (
Sophos has a fascinating writeup of the Black Kingdom ransomware, which is specifically targeting Exchange servers that haven’t been patched from the recent ProxyLogon vulnerabilities. If you ever wanted to see the code behind a ransomware script, here you go: Black Kingdom ransomware begins appearing on Exchange servers – Sophos News
One of the most widespread ransomware groups over the past few years has been Ryuk. Here is a detailed article on the history and tactics of Ryuk: What is Ryuk ransomware? Targeted, devastatingly effective malware | CSO Online
Yikes: Ransomwared Bank Tells Customers It Lost Their SSNs (
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