Ransomware Attackers Are Mirroring Traditional Sales Techniques


NetStandard’s Security Minute Series

The big ransomware victim of the week was JBS Meats. It’s not known if JBS paid a ransom or not. The US government has pointed the finger at Revil / Sodinokibi: US: Russian threat actors likely behind JBS ransomware attack (bleepingcomputer.com)

All ransomware articles tend to be pretty much alike. This one is different: How cybercriminals use sales best practices in ransomware attacks | 2021-02-21 | Security Magazine

Part of the ransomware response process that most people don’t see is the negotiator. Oftentimes there’s a person whose specialty is communicating and negotiating with the attackers. Here’s a very interesting long-form article about one of these people: How to Negotiate with Ransomware Hackers | The New Yorker

A good reminder of the most common Microsoft 365 attacks: Microsoft 365: Most Common Threat Vectors & … (darkreading.com)

10 steps to improve enterprise preparedness for an attack: The state of enterprise preparedness for ransomware attacks – Help Net Security

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